Metro Work Center Inc.

The Metro Work Center, Inc. provides employment opportunities, life skill development support, community integration, and leisure and recreation activities on an individualized basis to adults with developmental disabilities and related conditions. By providing our services and client consumer opportunities, we enhance participant self-esteem, self-worth, support independence and promote community integration with non-disabled individuals.

Our programs for working adults and seniors are based on 40 years of experience. Beginning as a parent-volunteer-driven organization in 1960, we incorporated as the Minneapolis Day Activity Center in 1968. As our focus increasingly moved to employment related activities for our members, we became the Metro Work Center.

Metro Work Center uses a consumer-centered, individual-assessment process to identify the interests and goals of program participants. Annually, Metro Work Center staff meets with each individual and his or her family members, guardians, social workers, case managers and other related professionals to review personal progress and prepare new outcomes for the coming year. As always, our consumer actively participates in the decision making process.

Metro Work Center's program is based in South Minneapolis, centrally located near bus and light rail transportation routes. Our program includes transportation to our facility and to the worksites which we coordinate with our consumers' residences.