Metro Work Center Inc.

Metro Work Center, Inc. works with adults, age 18 and older who have a diagnosis of mental retardation or other related conditions. Applicants must be willing and able to actively participate in our established program. Enrollment is limited to 57 full time program members. It is expected that all applicants will be involved in person-centered planning and participate in scheduled meetings and conferences.

During the intake process, the applicant tours our facilities. Following the tour, the applicant and personal representatives (including the county social worker or case manager) meet with our intake staff to discuss how Metro Work Center will meet the applicant's needs and wants for development and growth. Applicants choosing to continue the process complete several forms and reports. These include an application, social and behavioral history report, physical and psychological exam and evaluation forms, and a risk management plan.

Affirmative Action

Metro Work Center, Inc. policy provides equal enrollment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, public assistance, or national origin. This policy applies to all phases of enrollment including, but not limited to, recruitment, selection, placement, promotion, demotion, transfer, termination, rates of compensation, selection for training, use of facilities and the participation in all Metro Work Center sponsored client member activities. This policy is periodically reviewed with the supervisory force and administered at all levels, with a positive and supportive attitude. It is the responsibility of every supervisor within the Metro Work Center, Inc. to ensure the affirmative implementation of this policy.