The majority of the individuals involved in Metro Work Center’s programming want to participate in some type of work. Employment options vary and are designed to meet the outcome goals of each individual. Individual consumer’s interests and skills are always considered in developing the right job opportunity.  Employers, your employment of our consumers adds quality to your workforce as you contribute to developing an inclusive community that recognizes the value of all its members. To learn more about how Metro Work Center can partner with you to meet your workforce needs contact Vincent Almeda by calling 612-729-7381 or e-mail:


Some individuals secure positions as a direct hire of another company. For example, they may work at a local bank or in the neighborhood grocery store. If the job is part-time, the member may also spend the rest of the day participating in leisure and recreational activities at the Metro Work Center. 





Many employment opportunities are community based and include experiences with differing levels of supervisory support. Supported Employment job settings include a Metro Work Center supervisor on site. Some community employment opportunities are designed around groups of two to four Metro Work Center consumers working together to complete job tasks. 





Metro Work Center also offers in-house employment options. Some employers send work to the Center to be completed by consumers. Individuals participating in on-site work opportunities experience a variety of jobs in a very supportive environment. Most in-house work is clerical or light assembly in nature. As examples – members collate, fold and stuff papers; or seal, label and stamp envelopes; and copy, collate and assemble pamphlets and booklets. There are also several paid training/work experience jobs at the Center. These may include cleaning the lunch room, recycling, or filling the pop machine.